Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property for Rights Owner

Sayaansh is dedicated to ensuring that products on its marketplaces do not violate or infringe a Rights Owner's intellectual property (IP) rights.Intellectual property Rights Owners can report infringing content they find on Sayaansh in the form given at the bottom of the portal. A Rights Owner includes any person (such as a brand, a seller, a customer or any third party) who legitimately owns intellectual property rights for the product in question.

Note: The following information does not contain legal advice. You should consult a lawyer if you have specific questions about your IP rights or the IP rights of others.

Reporting Infringement

To submit a notice of IP infringement, you must be the Rights Owner who owns the IP being reported or an agent with permission from the Rights Owner to submit notices on his or her behalf. Do not forget to provide your contact details (name,  phone number, email) when you report infringement.
If your brand is enrolled in Sayaansh , you can submit a report through our Report Infringement form.

You can submit a trademark, copyright, patent, or other IP claim.

You should include the following information in your report:

Specific identification of the IP you believe is infringed: trademark, copyright, or patent registration number; written description of or link to copyrighted work; etc. Identifying the specific listing which is the subject matter of violation would be very useful.

Nature of infringement (whether infringement occurs on the physical product, physical product packaging, image on the product detail page, or text on the product detail page).

Any additional information that will help Sayaansh in processing your complaint (such as order IDs for any test buys on the products you are reporting).
Your contact details (name, phone number, email that we can share with affected sellers).